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“I have found the ease of using the EMI software with the attached probe to be easy and time efficient. I can not imagine anything as efficient. This software and equipment makes an EMI exam obtainable within a couple of minutes for new practitioners like me.”

Dr. James Suba, D.C.

"The Emi 5 has taken the graphing procedure to new levels using detailed graphics for patient education, simplified input for the doctor, and is extremely user friendly.  Being able to present acupuncture with such professionalism has been a great asset to our office."

Dr. Cameron J. Nemecek

"Dr. Amaro's Electro Meridian Imaging machine is great.  It is efficient and effective. There is no more guessing what your values are, all you do is simply push the button on the probe and it is automatically registered to your computer."

Dr. Michael Waind
Grand Forks, ND

"The EMI-5 is very easy to use and navigate. Gives consistent readings every single time . Full of priceless information concerning every aspect of modern acupuncture. A must for today's practitioner who is tired of just simply chasing the symptoms. It is also very affordable program that I would highly recommend."

Dr. Alex Leybovich
Plano , Texas

"The EMI is the easiest, fastest patient education tool I've ever used . Patients "get it" right away and are more likely to stick to their treatment schedule. The EMI definitely makes treatment more accurate and focused, providing me with more leverage from fewer points."

Heith Root , DC , FIAMA, DACNB

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