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EMI™ was the very first contemporary, acupuncture meridian measurement and diagnosis system that all others are based upon. We are the Original. Unlike others now on the market, we are not an upstart. We don’t have to rely on misleading statements to be used against our competitors to sell our products. EMI™ products have been in production for over a quarter of a century, with tens of thousands of satisfied customers! Our latest hardware and software product combines our years of extensive knowledge, research and experience, with the latest technology on the market today.

Very simply, our new EMI™ measures the 24 meridian points on the body (using the EMI Digital Probe & Computer Interface Module) and automatically enters, graphs, and analyzes those points (using the EMI™ Software), to help you diagnose and treat your patient.

For safe, accurate, and error proof meridian testing, the EMI Digital Probe™ & Computer Interface Module uses microprocessor technology to safely connect to your computer. The new and advanced EMI™ Software is easy to learn; fast and simple to use. With everything at your fingertips, the EMI™ Software contains comprehensive entry & result graphs, over 200 illustrations, photos and charts, multiple graph comparisons, treatment descriptions, Five Element conversion, and much more...

Our goal is to incorporate the ancient and contemporary principles and procedures of acupuncture into successful, mainstream, Western-based practices and to provide you with the knowledge and tools to achieve that success. We believe the tool to add to your practice is the new EMI™. It will save you time and money, enhance patient healing, and increase referrals from satisfied patients, all while building a successful and purposeful practice.

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