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Thousands of Satisfied Users EMI is used by virtually thousands and thousands of people Worldwide. It is the premier Point Meridian Software and Hardware. Our products have been in use for over 25 years, most are in still in use today. They withstand years and years of reliable outstanding service to our customers.

Easy installation –
simply plug the Probe into your computer and follow the simple install instructions for your software and your up and running in no time.

Personalized with your name - no need to enter or save complicated serial numbers

Fast & simple to use – test meridians, graph results, get treatment analysis in minutes

Choice of automatic Probe entry or Manual keyboard entry - Versatility! Use the advanced EMI ™ Software with any of our previous EMI ™ Ryodoraku measurement devices!

Accurate meridian measurement – Superior EMI Digital Probe ™ & Computer Interface Module

Real time, onscreen display of meridian point values

Digital Automatic Entry - Click the Probe button & the numerical value is automatically entered.
Why is this an advantage?
  • Dr. Yoshio Nakatani noted that the meridian points were about 1 cm in diameter. Because the tip of the probe is less than 1 cm, it is necessary to glide the probe over the area to find the CORRECT location.
  • After finding the actual location, the numerical value of the meridian being measured will steadily rise and then stabilize.
  • While the three second timing is important, the most important part of meridian measurement is when the number stabilizes . When the number stabilizes, that is when you press the probe button; thereby entering a value that YOU know is reliable.
  • There isn't an electronic device that is produced on the market today or that has ever been produced that will find the correct location for you. You are in control….You capture an accurate measurement.

Digital Electronic Accuracy

The Computer Interface Module plugs into your computer's USB port
Always Calibrated, Always Correct
Completely Safe – This is extremely critical: the probe is not dependent on your computer's voltage
  • The probe is powered by 1 nine volt battery. The battery's voltage is regulated by the onboard microprocessor to be a constant and exact 5.2 volts. Once that battery can no longer sustain the proper voltage, the processor automatically informs the practitioner the battery is low and should be changed.
  • The EMI probe is physically separated from your computers main voltage by a software activated switch, located on the circuit board.
Choice of 3 on-screen meter types: analog, bar, or digital view of the readout.

HIPPA Compliant, Password Protected – view all patient's history with HIPPA protection
If your software is not compliant you could be in violation of the law!
Choice of 3 Types of Exam Methods:
Primary EMI - Examines the Yuan (Source) Points specific to the Main Meridians
  • Based on the original computerized EMI ™ software developed by Dr. John Amaro who standardized the Yuan (Source) points for evaluation.
  • Established 200 as the high value for each meridian being tested.
  • Accepted as the standard for meridian graphing internationally and has been imitated since the inception over 30 years ago.
Primary Ryodoraku - Examines the Yuan (Source) Points specific to the Main Meridians
  • Based on the pioneering research of Dr. Yoshio Nakatani's original Ryodoraku system.
  • Established a staggered numbering system for graphing.
  • Now for the first time in computerized digital format!
Musculo-Tendno - Examines the Tsing (Akabane) Points specific to the Musculo-Tendino Meridians
  • Based upon using Tsing (Akabane) points for evaluating the Musculo-Tendino meridians, specifically for Musculo-skeletal conditions.
  • Utilizes 200 micro amps as the high value for each meridian being tested.
Each Main Entry & Results Screen has everything at you fingertips

Entry & Results Graphs

Vertebral Reflex Illustrations
Meridian Illustrations
Treatment Point Photo Illustrations
Treatment Descriptions
Access to Meridian Charts & Illustrations
114 Full Color Photo Illustration of Acupuncture Points
37 Specific Acupuncture Charts
Direct Entry of Patient Notes

Print Graphs, Treatment Descriptions & Exam (SOAP) Notes

Five Element Conversion

Multiple Graph Comparisons

Unlimited choice of bar graph colors

Database Backup, Restore, and Repair Functionality

Enhances patient satisfaction & healing - Patients can take home a copy of their graph, diagnostic criteria and/or involved meridians. You can print any of the photographs so the patient can have the specific points to use at home to accelerate clinical response and healing.

Saves time and money

Fast, simple, accurate exam
Individualized patient treatment & healing
Increased referrals from satisfied patients
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