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Acu-International Supplies, Inc., has been supplying quality acupuncture products internationally since 1978.
International Academy of Medical Acupuncture
(IAMA) is an Institute of higher learning dedicated to teaching physicians of all disciplines both the ancient as well as contemporary principles of Acupuncture. How those principles and procedures can be incorporated into a mainstream Western based practice is paramount.
The website of Acupuncture Today, the most widely read acupuncture newspaper featuring the latest acupuncture news & information.
ChiroWeb features news, searchable worlwide chiropractor directory, over 10,000 articles, discussion forums and free email-newsletter.

Microsoft Windows dedicated site where you can update you computer and get information on your Microsoft products. It offers the latest critical and security updates, device drivers, and other features that are available for your Windows computer.

This sends you directly to the Microsoft Service Pack 2 download site.

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The Terms ‘EMI', ‘Electro Meridian Imaging', ‘Contemporary Acupuncture Diagnosis' and‘ EMI Digital Probe'
are trademarked by and for use only by Dr. John A. Amaro